Waipara Boys Brigade Camp

I went to Waipara Boys Brigade camp.  I went in Maisie's van.  When we got there Maisie, Depenga, Caitlyn and I got our stuff out of the van. Then we got our bags and suitcases. Once we had finished doing that we had lunch.  Then we did some activities, like riffle shooting, bivvy building, archery,                
confidence course, team building, and other stuff.  

The first picture is of me doing bivvy building that was cool.  The next picture is when I'm still in bivvy building, it's the same one except I'm with Neco and Jayden.  The last photo is team building.  Jayden was telling me where to go. I listened to Jayden and made it to the other side. When we got back to school I went home with mum. I enjoyed going to Waipara Boys Brigade camp.  

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