My Treasure: Hero Factory

These toys are very awesome because they have very cool powers.  One of them can shoot ice bombs and he has a cool sword that can shoot out.  He has sharp part that goes round and round and he has an ice sword.  His name is Stormer.

The red one has a fire sword and a gun.  His weapon can shoot fire.  The grey one has a gun and a really strong ice bullet that can shoot out.  His name is Bulk.  The red one with black is called Explode.  He has bombs and a sword.  

The yellow one is called Meltdown and he has a gun and a whip.  The grey one is called Thunder and he has a tank that can shoot one big thunder ball.  The black one has a gun that can shoot bullets and the blue one is called Surge.  Surge has remotes that shoot lasers.

They are my treasures because I love Hero Factory.  

My Hero Factory collection


  1. Have you got Breeze? I think they're cool. Vlad

  2. bright colours on your Hero Factory Caleb.I like the yellow and green one.Neco

  3. Yes I have Breeze. In her old form she has swords that shoot out spnning things and they can destroy things. In her new form she has two sword guns that shoot out green laser beams. Caleb


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