Earthquakes: 5.6 & 6.3 Monday 13th June

My home is a river.  My garage has water in it.  We have power, but no water.  A glass lid fell down by my fridge and I got water on my computer.  Caleb

My brick wall fell on my roses.  Those were my favourite roses.  My cat was up the tree and Summer was upstairs.  We built a hut under the table and my cat came in the hut.  I wonder why? Nicky

Our lounge has visibly sunk, down from our living room.  The cross beams in my roof are cracked.  Our foundations are cracked and we already had to replace our piles, as they'd moved off them in the February earthquake, so we've moved off them more now.  My brother and I helped to dig liquefaction. We helped the Mt Hut ski field people dig out some guys car,  he'd just turned 92. Ryan B

When I got home I got to watch some Doctor who (A good man goes to war and the Curse of the black spot), so I could calm down from the aftershock.  Then I got fed up, so I got up and the 6.3 happened.  It started shaking and I thought that spaceships were out flying around, like the Darlic and Cyber ships... Seth

When the earthquake struck I thought that some small aftershocks would happen, but none happened.  When I got picked up we went home.  Then about 1 hour later a 6.3 hit and it was centred at Taylor's Mistake.  There were heaps of little ones.  I was so scared that I ran outside and went to the mail box.  One minutes later all of the liquefaction came up. I didn't go inside again and we stayed at my Aunty's that night.  That night there was a 4.7 at 3 am in the morning.  Liam

On Monday there were big earthquakes.  There was a 5.6 and a 6.3.  We all got under a table and is was scary.  My mum came and got me.  My street was flooded and there was liquefaction everywhere . A couple of days later my mum and me went and got some gumboots.  We got my sister some.  My mum got black boots, my sister got leopard print boots and I got skulls. It was loud at the Warehouse.  Jemma

On the way home from the 5.6 we were going to go and see my great Nana June, but the road was closed.  We just went home and when we got out of the car and went inside, to see the damage, we saw that my jewellery box had fallen off my draws.  It was broken and my TV had fallen down and had broken when the 6.3 hit.  I was outside eating a cookie time and I ran inside to get my Mum, but she said to just go outside.  I did then we moved my rabbit from the balcony to the ground my rabbits name is Roy.  My cat went missing and her name is Missy. She has had over 20 babies, one named Baylie and one named Fatty. Kimiya

On Monday I was at home sick.  I was laying on my bed sitting by the big window.  I got up straight away and rang to get my Mum.  I had liquefaction nearly come into my house and it was bubbling around the power pole.  Jacob F

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