Digital Pet Day: Visitors

Lulu and Hera  came to visit us for our Digital Pet Day 2011.  Lulu was funny and she talked funny.  Hera was so cute.  Hera gave us a certificate and a Fredo chocolate.  

Lulu wearing Samara's doggy ears...
This is all the boys with Lulu and Hera.  Can you see Hera?
I loved Hera she was really soft!


  1. Woof...woof! I loved coming to visit. I hope I can come back again. Hera

  2. I have really enjoyed looking at all your photos and reading your stories about your pets. I can tell that Digital Pet Day was lots of fun. Well done. Mrs Derham

  3. Thanks Mrs Derham manaia

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh cute


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