Digital Pet Day: The Teacher's Pets!

Danny lived in a barrel for three years, he is now in the big pond with two other fish...they love him.
Katarzyna Le katz likes trying to catch the $2 500 parrot next door, she watches that parrot from the tree and then escapes over the fence...She has only ever caught a butterfly, though a mysterious Lizard tail was placed by a bed for someone to step on.
Zeus the killer cat, is a hunter and he is always catching rats!  You always know when he has caught something he talks....he thinks he's a dog now and in charge of the house.  Hera used to retrieve eggs in her mouth without breaking them and would spend her time sleeping on the couch... Tinkerbell is a big rabbit who is no tinkerbell, she thumps her hind legs when she wants you to take notice of her. If she has an issue with you she takes a whole day to get over her sulks.


  1. Le katz last seen jumping over the fence heading towards the Parrot patch!
    No tea for her when she gets home, naughty puss!

  2. tinkabell looks very fluffy elizabeth neco

  3. Yes she is and so soft. I think I am her favourite because when she sees me she starts bounding around. She would be bigger than your cat Delly. Elizabeth

  4. thats alot of pets elizabeth neco


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