Fuppet: Emma

My fuppet is called Emma. She is nine years old. She has a pink face. It looks like the shape of an oval. Emma’s hair looks like candy floss with dark pink on the end. Her eyes look like marshmallows and her pupils look like chocolaty fudge. Her eyebrows look like dark pink ice cream. Her tongue look like a yummy sweet candy lolly shape like heart.  She has four short fingers on each hand. Her body is creamy white.


  1. Hi Amber-Rose,
    What things does Fuppet Emma like doing? Does she have any Fuppet friends?
    From Jacqui

  2. hi Jacqui
    Emma likes watching TV with me especially "What Now". Yes Emma's Fuppet friends are Raspberry,Creamy and Blueberry.
    From Amber-Rose


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