My cat Monty

I have a pet cat called Monty.  Monty has black fur with brown eyes.  His tail is more wishy than a mop.  Monty is a serious cat and if you mess with him you might want to back off.  He loves sloppy
fish.  He is a grandpa and is 9 years old.  He looks old.  Monty is a very competitive cat.  He loves
girls. When we went to the vet and bought him he was very shy.  Every time we looked
at him he kept turning the opposite way.  When we went to look at the other animals Monty scratched my little brother on the arm. My brother made him angry by touching his tail.  Monty's favorite toy is Mickey.  Mickey is a rat. Mickey is brown and grey.  He chases him like mad.  Like its a real rat!


  1. Cute cat Ruth I think Monty would be a good cat for a pet!


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