The Very Cultured Caterpillar

MADE AWARDS Winner of Adobe Storytelling Category, Year 4 - 6 'The Very Cultured Caterpillar.'

Judges Comment – This is an exceptional animation in so many ways. Excellent mastery of 2D animation to adapt this story to New Zealand culture. The whole package was complete with brilliant artwork from the whole class, to the music and sound effects.



  1. Congratulations Room 6! Wonderful effort and the art looks brilliant. I love the slow motion scene. Elizabeth

  2. I am so impressed by room 6! What a story and what an accomplishment! Your story, artwork, voices, video skills and music choices were just amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    Annie Hall Paulson
    American teacher and mom living in Shanghai, China

  3. Thank you for your comment. It was hard work doing this movie, but lots of fun. Room 6.


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