My cool holiday...

In the holiday my brothers and I went to Lala's house. I saw my cousin Grace and she is kind, and funny.  She has a crazy brother called Kai. I stayed for a sleepover.  Grace and I had so mach fun. 

In the holiday my family and I went to Hamner Springs with some of our friends.  Asher and I went on the rocks and sat on them.  We went in hot pools and cold pools.  We had so mach fun at Hamner Springs because we played all day.

In the holiday I went to the beach. My brothers and I made a sand village.  We found a sea worm. It was gross! We made a mud puddle.

In the holiday I went to Ashley Gorge camp and some friends came too.  We went to the river.  I picked up a gross stick.  I like going to camp. Benjamin came too. I found some cool rooks. There was a big wind and it ripped all of our tents except the little one. We went home in the morning.


  1. my holerday was fun from summer

  2. cool summer from Lily

  3. you looked like you had fun.By Joanna


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