Ryan's camp trip

On New Year’s Eve my Mum and Grandma were at my house packing stuff into the cars.  There was quite a bit of stuff to fit in the car.  It took half an hour to pack the car.  We left the house, but Dad was still in bed and he had work the next day.  On the way to Cheviot we saw some awesome sights.  It took 1 hour and 30 min to get there.  There were ten people at the camp site.  The camp site was on a farm and there was a dog called Sky.  She was nice to play fetch with and Sky had a playful personality. The next day I went on the quad bike.  It was awesome to drive it by myself.

Then we made a sled.  My three friends, and adult and I helped to make it.  Then we went to test it.  It was funny on the first attempt.  The sled broke and then we tried again.  That also broke, but the third time it didn't break.  Then we took the sled out in front of the cabins, on the closes side to the road.  I had to jump because the diver of the quad bike did a drift and the person fell off.

Then I had a turn and I did 3 laps.  My Mum and Grandma were down the other end of the camp site.  The halfway mark of the campsite was 50 meters the entire place was 100 meters long, so I brought my bike the next day.  One of my friends took me on the back of a motorbike.  I went around the track five times and that was awesome. Then the next day we l went home from Cheviot.

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