Neco's Camping Trip

In the holidays on 2nd January I went to Ashley Gorge. Ashley Gorge is a camping ground. On the first day we unpacked in thunder storms and real bad rain. Then I went to my friends tent.  After 5 minutes I had to help hold the tent down because it nearly blew away.  Then the next day we were planing on going down to the river for a swim.  My Dad went down and had a look and the river was very high and dirty.

After a few hours there was a water slide at the camp.  It was awesome!  When it was over we had a shower and got changed.  The showers work differently because you have to put in a token and it gives you five minutes of hot water.  When it was over and my friend Ethan and I went for a bike ride.  When we were biking we found a little area in the bushes, so we went down and had a look.  It was really fun, so we made it into our secret hideout.  On the next day we got up and it was sunny.  The river was alright, so we got to go for a swim.  After lunch we got our wetsuits on and went down to the river.  When we got down to the river we started swimming.  The river was cold when I first got in, but it became warm.  I jumped off the rocks into the water.  Then a few days later it was time to leave, so we packed up and left.


  1. loved it and how long did you stay. lizzy

  2. How is that on the rock is it you or Mikia ,if it is then he looks scared.

    From Depenga

  3. was the water deep?

  4. hey neco that looks like a fun trip and it is Brook


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