Westpac Rescue Helicopter open day...

In the holidays I went to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter open day. It was near the airport and there where four helicopters.  The was one was Westpac rescue helicopter.  The other three helicopter where giving rides. I went flying in the helicopter and I had a great time.  I managed to spot the the cathedral square, The Warehouse and AMI stadium because we flew over the city.

The Westpac rescue helicopter didn't have its winch on.  The winch is used to lower the people down if it can't land.  The Bomb Disposal Team were there with their robot that dislocates bombs.  They wear a protection suit with big metal shields.  They said they'd being blown up quite a few times!  They tried to stop the Pike Rive mine from blowing up.

The airport fire team where at the open day as well. Their fire engines have wheels as big as the back wheels on a tractor.  They are quite tall, so they can reach the plane to put out the fire.  They are stored in the repair shed. The normal fire team where there as well.  

It was freaky when I walked next to the fire engine with the ladder up.  It looked like the ladder was moving. They also had a fire truck with a satellite on the top.

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  1. Great writing Ryan you remember a lot about your day out. Love the story


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