Making our Mummified Cats

We made mummified cats.  The progress was great.  It took a long time to make them.  We had to roll up newspaper to make the base.  We scrunched up newspaper into a ball for the head.  After we had finished this stage we had to wrap the mummified cats in plaster of paris.

We wrapped the mummified cats in plaster of paris.  Then after we waited overnight for the plaster of paris to dry.  Next when the plaster of paris was dry we glued down linen bandages with PVA glue.

We got strips of the linen and wrapped them round the mummy then glued them down.  We moulded clay around the head and merged the ears and the nose on.  We had to stick our thumbs where the eyes were going to be and push it in.   When the clay was dry we had to paint it with copper acrylic paint.

Then when the paint was dry we brushed it with gold paint about 5-6 times.  We painted on the finer detail with black  Egyptian style eyes and the cats mouth and whiskers.  We painted the eyes green or blue.  We had to set the mummified cats up on a table with a black sheet on it.  The sign said DO NOT TOUCH!

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