Trip to South Learning Centre - Matariki

Today we went to the South Library for Matariki.  When we were driving Nicholas and I were talking about trains in the van and we saw a kiwi rail train.  We saw lots of police cars.  When we got there Sam read us a book and Kelsey taught us what Matariki was.  We coloured some flowers on the computers and we printed the pictures out.  Then we played I-spy with my little eye when we were  driving back to school.  Nico

Today Rm 6 went to the South Learning Centre we went in the vans. We saw some police cars on the way and we saw a train. We got there and had to wait. We went inside the South Learning Centre. We sat down on the mat and we learnt about Matariki.

If it is clear and warm there will be plentiful harvest . We went on the computer and we made posters of flowers.  I made a Manuka poster. It is good for stomach aches, bruises and coughs.  Then we printed our posters. We went back in the vans and saw a train not moving.  We had a race and we lost.  When we got back to school we had lunch and a little play.

Today I went on a class trip to the South Learning Centre. We learnt about Māori Medicine.  There is a story tells the god of weather pulled out his eyes (threw them into the sky).  I had two favorite activities.  It was learning about the flowers and my second one was the poster making.

There were three flowers there was the Manukau, Kowhai and Harakeke.  The Manuka helps stomach aches, bruises and coughs. Kowhai helps sore throats, itching and colds. Harakeke helps toothaches blisters and burns. On the computer we made posters and we got to coloured it in.  I  did a kowhai poster.

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