Points of view using Augmented Reality...

Can you name the different points of view?

What do we think will be the future of this technology?

I think you will be able to try on the shoe and see if it looks good.  Campbell

Watching a movie trailer.   Jacob

You could go shopping online, print out the item of clothing you like, and see if it looks good on you!  I think there will be a market for augmented t-shirts. Imagine if you could take a picture from a realtor magazine, view the image...then walk through the house.  No more need for open homes!  Elizabeth

I think they will be on all book covers.  There could be pictures on food you could scan.  Tasman

I think you'll be able to keep it 3D and teleport it to different places.  Maisie

I think you could put this in a shop, and you would see the 3D food things popping out.  Zander

Scan the picture, and the food comes up.  You can then taste it and see if you would want to buy it!  Nathan

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