Making our Truffles...

For our focus this term we made truffles for LT3's market day. We were split into 5 groups.  We had five names for our groups (company names).  
  • Truffle Ninjas (Dru, Jackson, Manaia, Elliot and Thomas)
  • Planet Truffle (Seth, Samara, Ryan B, Neco and Caitlyn P) 
  • Truffle Monsters (Nicky Toby, Kayd, Ryan R and Jacob)
  • Mrs Bubble's Truffles (Meg, Niamh, Tasman, Amber - Rose and Kimiya)
  • Truffle Dwarves (Demmy, Tiana, Kaitlin GR, Depenga and  Brook)
We all made lots of yummy truffles, there was lots of truffles!

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