Lone Star Ribs!

On Saturday night we went to Lone Star. When we got to Lone Star there were no seats upstairs, so we had to eat downstairs. We all ordered ribs, chips and chicken nibbles. It took about 20 minutes for the food to come. For drinks we had traffic lights. They were very yummy!! When the ribs came they were hot.

After we were done we went to Meg’s house and had a sleep over. We watched High School Musical 2. It was so cool!!! In the morning we were woken up by CC. CC is Meg’s cat.  She jumped on and off the bed, it was so cute! Then we woke up  Meg’s Dad and we asked for the computer. We went on animal jam. when Meg’s Dad woke up again we asked for breakfast in bed! We had toast. After breakfast Niamh had to get dressed so her Dad could pick her up to go to tennis.

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  1. Awesome Meg and Niamh, great photo, cool scarf and who's the fav from High School Musical2. By Kimiya your friend.


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