Does it matter if we use different detergent?

We predicted that the milk would do the same thing, make the food colouring move. It didn't matter what colour dishwash you used. First, we accidentally put the detergent in each bowl of milk at different times. That was not fair because one got a head start to do something. We poured this into the sink. Then we had to do it all over again. We put in the dishwash liquids at the same time. One dishwash was green and one was yellow. They both did something different. The milk with the yellow dishwashing liquid started to dance first. The yellow dishwash was the cheapest. We used trim milk.

Would the same thing happen if we used cream? Would it work if we used orange juice? What would happen if you used trim milk and cream together? Look at the picture the bowl on the right has the yellow dishwash liquid. The food colouring is moving faster.

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